Software Proficiency

Main: Adobe Photoshop.
Secondary: After Effects, Illustrator, Maya, Flash, 3dsmax, JIRA.


Tag Games

My current position is Senior Game Artist at Tag Games. I currently develop the user interface art for an unannounced mobile platform game. I also provide the studio concept art for future projects and pitches.



My position in EA was general 2D artist and my main role was to develop advertisement campaigns for game content. I worked closely with the art director and the art team to produce marketing materials published both on external and through our own platforms.


Battlefield Heroes

A cartoon shooter and the first Free2Play game released by EA. I was responsible for creating 2d advertisement but I also did some post-release concept art and several in game GUI items such as HUD parts, icons and crosshairs.


the home page with the default background followed by two themed backgrounds

The style of the game is very diverse. From one month to another the theme could change a lot. Working with the project’s brand and having it be varied but still easily recognized was a difficult but very interesting challenge. Following are a few among the many artworks I created while working on the game.





The Play4Free title is based on a similar concept as Battlefield Heroes but set in a more realistic and gritty setting. I worked with this title in production, through release and about a year into it’s lifespan.

a small selection of advertisement


Except for these Battlefield titles I also worked on advertisement and produced content for several other such as Lord of Ultima and Dragon Age.


I did my internship in a studio that focuses on advertisement games for major companies. During my stay we had clients such as McDonalds, Apple and Disney. As an artist I got to produce game content and some illustrations both for original titles and games for advertisement.

I made a lot of varied art tasks for them. I produced game content for advertisement games and worked a lot on one of their original titles. Together with another artist I had the chance to paint one of the covers for the video game magazine Casual Connect.

The studio is previously known as Muskedunder Interactive.